What Impact Does Weather Has on F1

When you consider a formula one season, racing takes place in a wide range of track and weather conditions. This begs the question; what impact does weather has in F1?

A formula one team invests a lot of money in weather equipments. This is aimed at capturing data related to weather conditions during a race weekend.

In fact, F1 sport as a whole has put a lot effort on data collection as a whole.

Having information about temperature, wind, humidity, rainfall and other weather conditions is critical.

This is because F1 cars perform differently in different climatic conditions. A wet race is very different from a hot race.

It is possible that you have noticed the differences, if you like watching formula one racing.

What impact does weather conditions has on F1 racing?

In this resource, I will share with you ways on how weather affects formula one.

You will also learn how F1 drivers and teams respond to the various weather conditions on a race weekend.