Hungarian Grand Prix in 2022

which venue is the hungarian grand prix held

If you have not visited Hungary to watch and experience formula one racing, you should add it on your bucket list. But you might be wondering; which venue is the Hungarian Grand Prix held?

F1 racing has a long history in the Hungary. It is one of the iconic races on the formula one calendar today.

Until 2016, this was the only race that had not witnessed a wet race in formula one.

As the fans, drivers and teams troop to Hungary for the race, it is important that you understand where the Hungarian Grand Prix is held.

If this is your first time attending the race, you will find this resource very helpful.

This is your guide to venues that have hosted and continue to host formula one race in Hungary.

Which Venue is the Hungarian Grand Prix Held?

One of the common F1 questions you might wonder about is; which venue is the Hungarian grand prix held today?

The Hungarian Grand Prix is currently held at the 4,381 – kilometre circuit in Mogyorog, Hungary.

In 2022, Hungarian Grand Prix will take place over 70 laps at the twisty Hungaroring track near Budapest.

Hungarian Grand Prix Tickets

To attend the Hungarian Grand Prix, you are going to need to purchase a ticket.

It is important to make plans to buy the tickets in advance for easy access to the circuit.

There are tickets for juniors, up to 14 years old. However, a junior must be accompanied by an adult with a legitimate ticket.

Looking at the various ticket options, it is going to cost you between €28 to €495 to secure a ticket.

You can also go for the more expensive tickets that include hospitality, track walks, and paddock access as well as pit lane walk. These can cost anywhere between €916 and €4,075 per ticket.

This depends on the package you choose and the kind of experience you want to have at the circuit.

One of the key things to remember is that you should manage your money wisely.

This is because spending money on F1 race tickets should be in your budget. It should not affect your personal or family finances.

What is clear is planning and having a budget towards attending F1 races is a smart thing to do.

At the race track, ensure you have some cash to buy any thing you might need or require. You could also have some of your money on a credit or debit card.

Grandstands at the Hungarian Grand Prix

As you plan to visit and attend the grand prix in Hungary, you should think of where you will sit during the race.

The past races have been wet, meaning rainy.

In this regard, your choice of the grandstand is very important and you should pick the best place to watch the race from.

Why You Should Attend the Hungarian Grand Prix

As a formula one fan, it is important to try and attend a formula one race.

I would argue that you should at least attend one or multiple F1 race in their lifetime.

The experience at a circuit is very different from watching F1 races on TV or using your smart phone.

It is better than leveraging the best VPN services to watch action during a grand prix.

So, why should you care about the Hungarian Grand Prix?


In conclusion, Hungarian Grand Prix is currently being held at the Hungaroring circuit at Mogyorog near Budapest.

This is a venue that has always produced great formula one racing experiences.

You might remember the Hamilton vs Verstappen accident in 2021 at Silverstone.

That is the most recent highlight of F1 racing at Silverstone. However, more is expected in upcoming races at the track.

As you plan to attend the F1 race at Hungaroring, I hope this information has provided you with basic knowledge about the venue for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Hungarian Grand Prix promises to be an exciting race this year.

Let us hope it will live up to the hype as Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes fight for top positions.