7 Ways to Get Sponsors for Golf Tournaments

If you run or organize golf events, you might have realized that it costs money and time to put together a successful golf tournament. This means you should think of how to get support from others. But how do you get sponsors for golf tournaments?

I have been hosting oil and gas golf tournaments for a while, and I have learned a few tricks.

My experience in reaching out and getting sponsors would be valuable to you. That is if you are keen to have businesses or corporate sponsors as part of your golf tournaments.

There are many benefits of having sponsors to your event.

In this article, I will share with you ideas, tips and strategies to get sponsors for a golf tournament.

You will learn how to pitch to potential sponsors. It is also a resource that will help you align your agenda with that of your sponsors.

This will allow you to create a win-win proposition.

Getting sponsors to your golf tournament is not difficult. However, you should follow this step-by-step guide on how to get corporate sponsors and partners.

How Do You get Sponsors for Golf Tournaments?

Sponsors play a big role in making a golf tournament successful. To get them, you should consider the following ideas and strategies.

  1. Create a sponsorship plan.
  2. List potential sponsors.
  3. Design a proposal and value proposition.
  4. Leverage your network.
  5. Secure contra deals.
  6. Align with products or services.
  7. Give sponsors options.

Having sponsors at your golf tournament can help you create a great experience. It is also an opportunity for you to raise funds or generate more revenues.

7 Ways to Get Sponsors for Golf Tournaments

One way a golf course makes money is through sponsorship. Therefore, you should be keen on how to get sponsors for your golf tournament.

So, how do you get sponsors for golf tournaments?

Here are the seven ways to get sponsors for a golf tournament;

  1. Create a sponsorship plan.

When it comes to golf tournaments, planning is everything.

You should ensure that you create a plan on how you are going to get sponsors to your golf event.

This allows you to approach this with clarity.

Failure to plan means you have no idea how you will get corporate organizations to support the golf tournament.

  1. List potential sponsors.

After you have created a plan, you should then list down potential sponsors.

This is a list of all companies or businesses that you intend to approach for sponsorship.

You can look for sponsors from your industry, or sectors that are closely related to your industry.

The key is to align your sponsors with your target audience in terms of people who will play at your golf tournament.

  1. Design a proposal.

To get sponsors for a golf tournament, you need to design and have a proposal.

You should write a proposal and send it to your target sponsors.

This is the document that introduces your tournament. You use this proposal to demonstrate the value the sponsor will get by being part of your tournament.

You should also include various sponsorship levels and benefits from each of them.

  1. Leverage your network.

I know you have a network of professional colleagues and business associates.

You should leverage this network to get sponsors for a golf tournament.

It is possible your business networks are working in companies or businesses that can sponsor your golf tournament.

With the proposal and a good value proposition, you should be able to secure support and sponsorship from them

  1. Secure contra sponsorship deals.

In most cases, getting an in-kind or contra sponsorship deals is easier.

This is because it does not involve exchange of cash.

A contra sponsorship deal in golf tournaments means that the sponsor supports you without paying in cash.

You get sponsorship in-kind, where you receive support in terms of products or services that add value to your event.

For example, you can get airtime from a radio or TV station.

While there is no actual money, the value of advertising your tournament is worth a lot.

  1. Align with products or services.

When trying to get sponsors for a golf tournament, it is important to align with your industry’s products or services.

What do i mean with this?

I mean that your sponsors might be having products or services that they sell.

You should ensure your golf tournament aligns with those products or services. This way, you provide great value to your sponsors.

Sponsors can use your golf tournament to promote their products or services to your audience.

  1. Give sponsors options.

To be able to get sponsors for your golf tournament, you should create or provide options to the potential sponsors.

At this point, you should have several golf sponsorship packages. You can have a generic sponsorship level and others tailored to specific companies.

Some of the options include gold sponsorship, silver sponsorship or a bronze golf sponsorship package.

Golf Sponsorship Levels – Examples

When it comes to organizing golf tournaments, you should design sponsorship levels.

Examples of these golf sponsorship levels include;

  • Title sponsor
  • Gold sponsor
  • Silver sponsor
  • Bronze sponsor
  • Lunch or dinner sponsor
  • Hole-in-one sponsor
  • Hole sponsors

The idea behind these levels is to maximize sponsorship income and support.

Having more sponsorship levels allows you to generate more income from individual or corporate sponsors.

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In conclusion, getting a sponsor for a golf tournament is a very important aspect of creating a great experience on the course.

When done right, the sponsorship should work well for both the event organizer and the sponsoring organization.

It is important to remember that sponsorship dollars is an investment by the company. They expect a return on that investment from being part of your golf event.

To get golf sponsors, you should be clear on your value proposition. It is important for your potential sponsors to see the benefits their brand or business would get from being part of your golf event.

You should have a plan on how to reach out to potential sponsors and also the kind of pitch you will make.

While getting a sponsor for your golf tournament can be daunting, it is also possible to secure support and sponsorship.

If you create a plan and a strategy, you will be able to get sponsors for a golf tournament.