How Much Does Zhou Guanyu Make

how much does guanyu zhou make

The fascination with how much someone makes or earns is always big in formula one. It is understandable. F1 is the most prestigious sport in the world. So, how much does Zhou Guanyu make?

If you are a fan of Zhou, you could be interested in knowing how much salary he earns from racing.

When it comes to formula 1 racing, it does not get better than driving for Alfa Romeo brand. This is one of the ten F1 teams today and will become Audi works team from 2026.

Therefore, your desire to know how much Zhou Guanyu salary earns is understandable.

Zhou joined formula one in 2022 after being signed by the Alfa Romeo team. He is driving alongside Valtteri Bottas.

It is reported that Alfa Romeo will become an Audi team in 2026. This could bring more resources to the Sauber team, and might increase the money drivers like Zhou makes in F1.

That could be the reason you are interested in knowing how much Zhou Guanyu makes.

In this article, I intend to share with you details of how much Zhou Guanyu makes or earns as a formula one driver.

You will also get a glimpse of how he spends the money he makes in F1.

This is a look at Zhou Guanyu’s salary, his other sources of income and his net worth.

How Much Does Zhou Guanyu Make?

Zhou Guanyu earns or makes $1 million as an F1 driver at Alfa Romeo today.

In a nut shell, he earns $1,000,000 per year from racing activities. This is one of his main sources of income today.

This is about $9m less than his teammate makes. You can understand this given the experience and skill difference.

With this levels of income, Zhou has started building his net worth. Currently, Zhou Guanyu is estimated to have wealth and a net worth of between $3 million and $5 million. You cannot ignore his wealthy background as his family is considered rich.

Alfa Romeo is paying Zhou Guanyu $1 million a season.

He is among the new F1 drivers on the grid today, and comes from a wealthy family. It is the reason some might consider him a pay driver like Lance Stroll, Nikita Mazepin or Nicholas Latifi.

It will be interesting to watch his income grow as his F1 career blossoms over time.

How Much Zhou Guanyu Makes in F1

As you are learning from this article, F1 drivers make a lot of money from their racing activities.

If you would like to learn how much money F1 drivers make, I have written an in-depth article on how much F1 drivers earn or make from their teams. You can go and read it here.

However, in this particular section, you are going to learn how much Zhou Guanyu makes in F1.


In conclusion, formula one drivers are some of the highest paid professionals. Guanyu is just but one of them.

You have the other twenty F1 drivers on the grid today who earn or make different amount of money per year.

To have a full picture of how Zhou Guanyu earns, you need to understand his streams of income.

Zhou makes money from his salary, bonuses and endorsement or sponsorship deals. He has a wealthy or rich background.

At Alfa Romeo, Zhou has signed a multi-year contract, meaning he is going to earn over the years.

It is estimated that Zhou Guanyu is currently worth about $3-5 million.

Over time, this is going to increase and will be interesting to watch how he grows his income and wealth before he retires from F1 racing.