How many physical cars does each f1 teams have?

In fact, the push by F1 and the FIA to ensure that teams don’t overdevelop aero have led to concerns that the new regulations have restricted design freedoms too much.

The fear is that with so many compliance boxes, and increased used of more standard parts, that all the 2022 cars will looks the same, and the best outfit won’t be able to prove its brilliance.

It is something that F1 chiefs have been aware of for a number of years, but there has always been the belief that there was still enough room within what was laid out to allow teams to find better solutions.

As F1 managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn said: “We know with these very proscriptive regulations, the fertile minds of F1 will come up with different solutions.

“They [the rules] will be proscriptive because we have to make sure we achieve these objectives, but there is enough latitude there.”

As teams have got down to work with the new rules, though, concerns about them being completely tied down in having no freedom have not quite materialised.

While there is an acceptance that the rules will ensure a fair degree of similarity between the different cars, there remains enough grounds for variation of both looks and performance.