How Long is the Boxycharm Luxe Waitlist and How Does it Work

how long is the boxycharm luxe waitlist

Are you concerned about your beauty? The beauty industry is growing and changing. This comes with new products and services you can choose from. It is also interesting to see that business models in this sector are evolving, and becoming response to customer’s needs. This includes how delivery of the products is being done. Let us take the case of Boxy Charm. How long is the BoxyCharm Luxe Waitlist?

What is BoxyCharm Luxe?

BoxyCharm Luxe is a quarterly upgrade to the BoxyCharm subscription that happens every March, June, September, and December.

Luxe features 8 beauty and lifestyle items for only $49.99.

BoxyCharm Premium is our newest monthly subscription box that includes 6 full-size beauty products for only $35 per month.

BoxyCharm is a a customized beauty membership program. This program comes with five full-size products for you to choose from.

I consider this an innovative way to create value in the beauty industry and serve clients in a better way.

You get to decide or choose the boxycharm box you are interested in.

How long is the Boxycharm Luxe Waitlist.

48 hours. You need to be on the Luxe waitlist within 48 hours from being billed for the Base option.

If you join the Luxe waitlist after 48 hours of being billed for Base, you become eligible for a Luxe starter box.

How BoxyCharm Luxe Waitlist Works

An ‘Active’ status means you will be receiving a BoxyCharm Premium box.

A ‘Waiting’ status means you are on the Waitlist for a BoxyCharm Premium box.

If you are activated from the Waitlist, you will see two separate charges: $25 for your BoxyCharm and $35 for your BoxyCharm Premium.

If you got the congrats email you are on the list. You will be billed for Boxyluxe on March 1st. Your boxycharm status on your account with still say waiting until you are charged. This means you will stay listed as waiting until they charge you on March 1st

Is BoxyCharm Worth it?

According to one of the people who is using the BoxyCharm products, it is worth it and this includes the price for all the products she received.

“I recently upgraded my Boxy Charm Basic to the Boxy Luxe start from March 2021. So far I like the products that I received. BoxyLuxe is one of the best subscription boxes out there in my opinion. It’s a little pricey at $49.99 but well worth it.”

Another one said, “I subscribed to Boxy Luxe, I love it so much, and it has absolutely been worth it. I’ve gotten so much value out of almost every box – well over the $25 I paid for it. It’s definitely one of my favorite subscriptions. I love my BoxyCharm box!”

What is the Difference Between Base, Luxe and Premium?

BoxyCharm, otherwise known as the Base box, is a monthly beauty subscription box that includes 5 full-size beauty products for only $25 per month.

BoxyCharm Luxe is a quarterly upgrade to the BoxyCharm subscription that happens every March, June, September, and December. Luxe features 8 beauty and lifestyle items for only $49.99.

BoxyCharm Premium is our newest monthly subscription box that includes 6 full-size beauty products for only $35 per month. During brand takeover promotions, product quantities and box values vary.

Since BoxyCharm Premium is a separate subscription from BoxyCharm (not an upgrade to the subscription like Luxe is), you can subscribe to both Base and Premium at the same time, on the same account, and receive different product variations in each box.

Although it’s not possible to upgrade the Premium subscription to Luxe at this time, there’s a way to receive both in the meantime.

How BoxyCharm Premium Waitlist Work

The BoxyCharm Premium Waitlist is only available for Active members.

Beginning at 12 a.m. ET on the 1st of each month, members on the waitlist will be attempted to be billed in the order in of joining while spots are available.

Billing attempts continue daily while supplies last and you may see a billing attempt within hours after joining the waitlist if supplies are available.

If they reach your spot and your payment is unsuccessful, they will continue trying each day if possible while supplies last. In this regard, you should ensure that you update your payment information.

If you successfully come off the waitlist, you are going to be charged $25 for that month’s BoxyCharm and $35 for that month’s BoxyCharm Premium.

At that time, once you have been billed, you will then be able to manage your subscription preferences how you want – keep both subscriptions or just one; you may cancel anytime.

You will receive separate tracking emails for your BoxyCharm and your BoxyCharm Premium.

If you cancel your BoxyCharm Premium subscription and then change your mind later, you will need to join the BoxyCharm Premium Waitlist again.

Do you get BoxyCharm and BoxyLuxe?

How do I get both BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm Premium? First, be an active Charmer and subscribe to BoxyCharm Premium under the same account. Second, have a BoxyCharm subscription and upgrade to BoxyLuxe in the Luxe months of March, June, September and December.

Can you get BoxyCharm and BoxyLuxe?

If you are wondering if you can get both BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm Premium, you should consider the following;

First, be an active Charmer and subscribe to BoxyCharm Premium under the same account.

Second, have a BoxyCharm subscription and upgrade to BoxyLuxe in the Luxe months of March, June, September and December.

How much is BoxyLuxe a month?

The 12-month prepaid option costs $275 for a full year, allowing you to save $25 – the price of a single BoxyCharm box. BoxyLuxe: The BoxyLuxe costs $49.99 and is sent on a quarterly basis. It has up to 8 items valued at over $275.

How to Earn Charms with BoxyCharm

There are a few ways to earn Charms by referring friends. Click here to visit your referral page, or click “Earn Charms” at the top of your homepage to get started.

On your referral page, you have the options of sending referral invitations to email addresses and sharing on social media at the touch of a button. Or, you can copy your referral code so that your friend can enter it at checkout.

To use your referral code at checkout, your friend must enter your code in the “referral code” field. If your friend is on mobile, they must click “Referral Code” at the top of the checkout page to access the referral code field.

After the billing for their first box and are officially on an Active subscription, 500 Charms will automatically be deposited into your account.


In conclusion, being on the BoxyCharm Luxe waitlist is a good idea. You will be able to get the benefits of the offer as a customers whois on the waitlist.

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