How Long Does It Take to Learn Golf

You have made a decision to get into golfing and you are excited about getting into a course. It is always exciting to watch golfers hitting those balls. And you can’t wait to do the same. However, you are now wondering; how long does it take to learn golf?

Every skill in life has a learning curve. This applies to golf, and that includes when you want to learn how to play golf.

As you start you journey in golf, you need to know the time it will take you to become a proficient golfer.

That way, you can create a realistic plan and the steps you should make to learn how to play golf.

It is not easy, and a lot of factors come into play when you embark on this journey. You need to be consistent and also focused on reaching your goal.

Taking golf lessons, from an experienced trainer is the best way to learn golf. You will be able to acquire key principles and basic fundamentals in golf.

If you are interested in becoming a good golfer through learning, you are in luck today.

This article and resource is aimed at helping you understand how long it takes to learn how to play golf.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Golf?

To be honest, this is not a simple question as you might imagine.

In general terms, to learn golf will take you about six month of constant lessons and training how to hit a golf ball.

However, you need to continue reading this article to fully understand the context of how long it takes to learn golf.

I do believe it is a continuum, which depends on your ability to train and a number of other factors.

Factor Affecting How Long It Takes to Learn Golf

To learn golf, it might take you around 3 to 12 months. However, this depends on a number of other factors.

The factors that can influence how long it takes you to learn golf include;

  1. Your starting level.
  2. Physical strength.
  3. Ability to practice.
  4. Eye-hand coordination.
  5. Your mindset.
  6. Golf equipment
  7. Goals and expectations

As a beginner, learning how to play golf can take you about six to twelve months. This requires you to be focused and train aggressively.

How Much Does It Take to Learn to Play Golf?

The main reason you might be asking this question is because you want to start playing golf.

Like everything else in life, learning to play golf is going to take you some time.

Do not expect to start and become a master at golf soon. You will need to put in the work to learn and improve your skills in playing golf.

However, how much time it takes to learn depends on your objective.

Are you learning golf for leisure or to become a professional golfer?

Your goal or objective will determine a lot.

The time investment for a leisure golfer is different from that of someone who wants to become a professional.

On average it will take a beginner golfer about 3 to 5 months of practice to be able to play the game of golf at a comfortable level.

Those are about 180 days of learning how to hit golf balls, how to swing the clubs and your overall golfing craft.

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Learning a new skill takes time. You should have realistic goals about how long it is going to take you to learn and perfect how you are playing golf.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How to Golf?

One of the common questions you might have as a beginner in golf is; how long would it take me to learn how to golf?

This is a good question. It shows you know that it will take you some time to become a good or decent golfer.

Learning how to play golf is part of the process. You are not born a golfer, and you need to acquire the golfing skills.

To learn how to golf, it might take you about 90 to 120 days with weekly practice of about 6 hours.

It would mean that you need to practice three times a week, with each training session taking about 2 hours.

You can also seek the guidance and advice of a professional who can help you learn how to play golf.

Almost all golf courses and clubs have a resident golf pro who can assist you with training, at a relatively small fee.

How Long Does It Take To Become Decent at Golf?

Playing golf can be a very fulfilling hobby or career. However, you need to invest time to become good or decent at golf.

When starting out, the journey towards become a good golfer can seem daunting.

In fact, you might wonder; how long does it take to learn golf or become a great golfer?

While this is normal, you should not be discouraged by the slow pace of learning golf.

Acquiring a new skill takes time, and you should have patience with yourself.

To become decent or good at golf, it might take you six to twelve months of hard work, practice and training on how to play golf.

You need to spend time to practice how to swing, how to hit the balls and the various techniques to make your game decent over time.

When I started playing golf, I used to practice three time per week. Each session would last between 2 and 3 hours.

I did this for a period of eight months and could see improvement on my game.

You should focus on ensuring you improve how you are playing golf, and with time, your game will become very good or decent.

How Much Does It Cost to Learn Golf?

As you look at the time it might take you to learn how to play golf, you should also consider the cost.

I mentioned cost above, as one of the factors affecting how long it takes to increase your proficiency in the sport of golf.

Cost or the amount of money you need is an important factor to consider.

It can be the difference between taking six months to taking two years to learn how to play golf.

This is because it determines whether you can afford to pay for lessons, buying the right golf clubs and affording professional training.


In conclusion, the length of time it takes for you to learn golf depends on a number of factors.

You can do it in three, six or twelve months. It can also take you years.

The overall time-frame of learning golf depends on your individual drive. How badly do you want to become better at how you play golf?

Your behavior and discipline is going to play a big role in how long it takes you to become a good golfer.

The time it takes you to get good at playing golf is personal. As a general rule of thumb, you should assume it will take you longer than you think.

The key to success in learning how to play golf is being serious and practicing on a consistent basis.

If you learn golf, you will have fun and enjoy your time on the course.

And it does not matter how long it takes, as long as you learn how to do it well.