How Do F1 Drivers See in the Rain

Weather conditions play a significant role in formula one racing. It has an impact on a number of things including ambient and track temperatures. When it rains, one question come to mind; how do F1 drivers see in the rain?

If you are have ever driven a car in the rain, you know how tricky it can be on the road.

Now I want you to imagine a formula one car, in the rain and at speeds higher than a road car.

It is critical for the F1 drivers to see clearly in the rain.

To be able to not only manage the car in wet conditions, but also see other drivers while avoiding making mistakes on the track.

So, how do formula one drivers see in the rain? What tools do they use to be able to see the track and other F1 cars?

In this resource, I intend to share with you my research on how F1 drivers race in the rain.

You will understand how F1 drivers are able to see in the raisn, and how visibility is impacted by the rain.