9 Reasons Why Mastering Golf is Difficult and Hard

Starting or learning something new can be intimidating. This goes for a new sport, including learning how to play golf. It is tough to learn the basics of golfing. But the question is, how difficult is it for a beginner to master golf?

Acquiring a new skill can be daunting. It requires you to get to a place that you might not have been before.

Learning how to golf demands a great deal of effort on your part.

If you are looking into learning how to play golf, you might be wondering how difficult it is to master the basics of golf.

As a beginner, you have a steep learning curve. Becoming a master at golf is going to take you a few weeks or months.

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You will need to practice often and also spend time on the course with a trainer. This requires time and dedication.

If you are busy business person or professional, you will need to figure out a way to allocate or manage your time well.

In this article, I am going to help you understand how difficult it is for a beginner to master golf.

This will make it easy for you to create a plan on how to learn or improve your golfing.

When starting, it is all about building your confidence, and learning how to hit the balls well.

Let us get into this.

How difficult is it for a Beginner to Master Golf?

As a beginner, playing golf can be tough and difficult.

There are a number of skills you need to learn and acquire in order to become a master at the game of golf.

Golf is such a difficult sport to play. It would argue one of the most difficult because it is, in essence, multiple sports rolled into one.

You need power and gentleness, flexibility and control, and many people underestimate the physical requirements of the game of golf, so they struggle to make progress

How difficult this is depends on your efforts and willingness to invest in learning or improving your golf craft.

Nothing comes without a struggle. Becoming good or decent at playing golf means practice and training.

It is very common to find a beginner golf that wants to be best but puts very little effort.

As a beginner, mastering golf is going to be initially very difficult.

You have no skills, no golf accessories and are starting from playing golf from the scratch.

However, you should learn the basics of golf and continue to improve your game over time. You do this through constant practice and training at your local golf course.

9 Reasons Why Mastering Golf is Difficult and Hard

Here are the reasons why it is difficult to master golf as a beginner;

  1. Requires you acquire new skills.
  2. Uses different golf clubs.
  3. You compete against yourself.
  4. Tough physical demands.
  5. It requires practice and training.
  6. Shots are always different.
  7. You need access to a golf course.
  8. Can be expensive.
  9. Understanding new terms and rules.

The above nine things are what makes it difficult for a beginner to master golf.

Study and understand them, then make plans to overcome each of the factor.

How Much Time Does It Take to Master Golf?

While golf is a fun and enjoyable hobby, it takes time to learn and master how to play golf.

You need about six to eighteen months to become good at the skill of playing golf. That is how much time it might take you to master golf as a beginner.

As a beginner, you need to practice and get professional help in training.

This is because acquiring a new skill is not easy. It is what makes golf difficult or hard to some.

You might not be a natural at holding golf clubs, making a golf swing or hitting the golf balls.

Playing golf demands good eye-hand coordination. Some have it, and other do not.

It is these small things that make golf difficult.

When you add other things like managing your time and schedule, mastering golf becomes a very personal.

Your success depends on you, and the time you dedicate to learning how playing golf works.

What It Takes to Learn Golf Skills as a Beginner

One of the question you might have is how quickly can you master a new skill?

This is what mastering golf as a beginner is all about.

However, you need to appreciate it can be difficult to learn how to play and become a master as a beginner.

So, how do you master golfing skills quickly?

While it is difficult for the beginner to master golf, you can learn this new skill quickly by doing the following;

  1. Set your goal
  2. Breakdown the golf goal into small steps
  3. Identify potential challenges
  4. Apply the 80/20 rule to learning golf
  5. Focus on one golf skill at a time
  6. Be consistent with your efforts
  7. Think long-term when it comes to golf

While golf is difficult for a beginner without skills or experience, you can create a plan to master how to play golf today.


In conclusion, it is important to understand how difficult it is for a beginner to master golf.

Learning golf is not easy. It can be a daunting and an intimidating journey.

As a beginner, take your time to learn the basics and the fundamentals of golfing.

To master golf, you need to practice and also use the services of a professional golf trainer to learn.

Like everything else in life, golf can be difficult or easy depending on how you approach it.

If you are looking to be a social golfer, then it will not be as difficult or hard to learn and master.

However, if you want to become a professional golfer, competing at the highest levels of the sport, it is going to be difficult. This is because you be expected to perform at your best at all the times.

In general, and based on my personal experience learning how to play golf, you should not be worried. As a beginner, you can master golf by learning the basics of playing this sport.

As you start your lessons on how to golf, I am wishing you all the best.

See you in the golf course soon!