How Did Pierre Gasly Win in Monza

Winning a formula one race for a driver in a big thing. It is even better when it is the maiden F1 win. You could see the joy on Gasly’s face when he won in Italy. So, how did Pierre Gasly win in Monza?

The Italian grand prix is always an interesting one. Racing at Monza is iconic and the track has a rich history to it.

Many drivers always look forward to winning at this track. Being home to Ferrari, the Tifosi fans yearn for their team to win here.

Prior to this race at Monza, Pierre Gasly had not won any other race in his formula one career.

That might be the reason emotions overwhelmed him when he won, sitting at the top podium soaking it all in.

In this article, I will help you understand how Pierre Gasly was able to win the race in Italy.

How Did Pierre Gasly Win in Monza?

Pierre Gasly won the race in Monza after a red flag, and a 10-minute stop and go penalty for Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton was comfortably leading the race, but the penalty changed the pecking order.

Gasly inherited the lead of the race after Hamilton served his penalty, and was able to stay ahead of the Mclaren of Carlos Sainz Jr to secure his maiden win in formula one.

It was an action-filled raced with both Ferraris failing to finish the race.

How Pierre Gasly Won the Italian Grand Prix in Monza

The epitome of an F1 driver is winning the drivers’ championship in the course of his career.

Many drivers have been able to achieve this feat.

However, you cannot get there without first winning races over a season.

That is why the first win is the most important to an F1 driver. It is usually one of the most special wins any formula one driver cherishes.

For Pierre Gasly, his first win in F1 came at Monza when he won the Italian Grand Prix in 2020.

According to him, the memories of that day are still fresh and etched in his mind. He remembers the events of the day vividly up to today.

You might ask, how did this win come about?

The race, like many others was progressing well. Hamilton was in the lead and almost guaranteed to win the race in a comfortable manner.

As fate would have it, this was never to be.

Kevin Magnussen’s Haas F1 car developed an issue on lap 19, and stopped on the side at the entry of the pit lane.

With Lewis on the lead, Mercedes team thought this was an opportunity for them to bring Hamilton in for a change of tyres.

Unknown to them, the pit lane had been closed at 15.41hrs, the same time the safety car was deployed. This meant no car could come into the pit.

When the safety car ended, and racing go going on lap 24, Hamilton was still on the lead.

Behind him were Lance Stroll in second and Pierre Gasly in third.

Charles Leclerc Big Crash at Monza

Earlier in the race, Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari had developed brake failure.

On lap 25, Charles Leclerc lost the back end of the car under acceleration and crashed into the barriers.

Leclerc crashed out at the parabolic, and was out of the race.

A safety car was deployed again, and the then the race was red-flagged.

Hamilton’s 10-second Penalty

Turns out the team, and Hamilton did not see the warning lights that pit lane had been closed.

As a consequence, Hamilton was handed a 10-second stop and go penalty.

This meant that Hamilton would come into the pit, stop for 10 seconds and then go.

On lap 29, Lewis Hamilton comes into the pit to serve his penalty.

At this point, Pierre Gasly takes the lead of the race at Monza. It is a lead he would hold onto to the end of the race.

Pierre Gasly Wins Maiden F1 Race in Monza

It was a dramatic end to the Italian Grand Prix in 2020 as Carlos Sainz chased down Pierre Gasly in the last few laps of the race.

There were last laps shenanigans towards the chequered flag.

Pierre Gasly was in front and would go to win the Italian Grand Prix for the AlphaTauri.

The last time the team won was under the Scuderia Toro Rosso.

While the Ferraris did not finish the race, the Italian anthem was still played for the Tifosi.

However, this time was for the Scuderia AlphaTauri F1 team.


So, how did Pierre Gasly win in Monza?

During the Italian Grand Prix in 2020, Pierre Gasly won the race by inheriting the lead on lap 29 from Hamilton and holding onto that to the end of the race.

He was able to hold off Carlos Sainz who was behind him in a Mclaren. Carlos has since moved to Ferrari.

As an AlphaTauri driver, Pierre Gasly is doing a very good job. He is driving well, and scoring points.

In the 2022 F1 season, he is currently sitting at position fourteen (14) with eighteen (18) points on the drivers’ championship.

AlphaTauri are eighth with twenty nine (29) points on the constructors’ championship.