Has Golf Always Been an Upper Class Game Primarily

Sports are a great way to enhance balance in your life. Playing golf is one of the sports you can take up and learn today. However, you might be feeling like the sport is only meant for the rich or wealthy people. This begs the question; has golf always been an upper class game primarily?

There is a reason why you, and many others might feel this way. You are not entirely wrong to imagine that golf has always been a sport for the middle or upper class individuals

As a golfer, you need to have the time to play and attend games at golf courses. You also need to have some disposable income to invest in learning how to play golf.

When you become good at the sport, you also need golf gear and equipment like golf shoes, golf clubs and club memberships.

All these cost money. They are or can be very expensive to buy.

This explains why people feel that playing golf belongs to the upper class, rich or wealthy people.

In this article, we look at this with a view of trying to understand why golf is associated with well-to-do people in society.

You get an answer to the question; has golf always been an upper class game at all times?


In conclusion, there are reasons why golf is synonymous with a certain kind of social and economic status in our society.

You would not be wrong to associate golf with middle class or the upper class members within your community.

These are people who have plenty of leisure time to play a round of golf.

You can think of the sport as an upper class game because those who play golf have the means to afford this expensive hobby.

It costs money to join clubs, to pay green fees and to buy the golf accessories like shoes or clubs.

While that is true, the modern reality is you or anyone else can learn how to play the game of golf.

You just need to be dedicated and consistent in your efforts.