Did Nikita Mazepin Buy His Way Into F1

When the Haas team brought Uralkali on board as a sponsor, the team also unveiled Nikita Mazepin as their driver. His father, Dmitry Mazepin is a wealthy man and the majority shareholder in Uralchem. It is this connection that might make you wonder; did Nikita Mazepin buy his way into F1?

Formula One as a business commands huge following across the world. This has given the sport a great deal of market valuation.

It is such stuff has attracted wealthy investors into the sport.

Before buying or investing into Haas, Dmitry Mazepin wanted to buy Aston Martin. However, Lawrence Stroll won the bidding war for Aston Martin.

It is assumed that as part of his investment into Haas, he secured an F1 seat for his son Nikita Mazepin.

So you are not wrong to ask whether Nikita Mazepin actually bought his way into Formula 1.

In this article, let us answer your burning question; did Nikita Mazepin buy his way into F1? Could his father have secured a deal for him as part of his financial investment into Haas team?

You will be able to understand how that might happen. This will help you know whether Nikita Mazepin is a pay driver.

Final Thoughts

It is becoming rather uncomfortable that formula one is attracting kids of billionaires.

While in itself that is not a bad thing, it is promoting the notion that F1 is becoming a billionaire’s club.

Is the big money invested by the billionaire’s influencing the hiring of drivers by a team?

That is the big question.

You would be forgiven to wonder if Nikita Mazepin bought his way into F1.

His father invested a lot of money into Haas F1 team. Was that investment used to buy Nikita a seat in the grid?

Well, your guess is as good as mine.

This scenario is probably familiar with Lawrence Stroll’s investment into Aston Martin. His son, Lance Stroll, is one of the drivers at Aston Martin.

Would you say it is a coincidence?