What is the Cost of Advertising on a Formula 1 Racing Car

Advertising, marketing and sponsorship are part of your life today. As a formula one fan, you have seen businesses that leverage on the sport to advertise their products or services. You might ask, what is the cost of advertising on a Formula 1 racing car? How much does it cost to sponsor an F1 team?

Marketing, promotion and advertising is one of the best ways to promote your brand.

You can increase your brand’s visibility and create awareness about your products or services.

For F1 teams, having sponsors or selling advertising space is a major aspect of how a formula one team earns revenues.

To advertise on a formula 1 car, you need to understand the cost of advertising.

It is worth figuring out what to expect from the sponsorship. Cost of advertising and the return on advertising investment are key pillars to a successful sponsorship deal in F1

As an entrepreneur or business leader, building or increasing your brand’s awareness or visibility is important.

It can help you generate more business leads and increase your revenues.

To sponsor a formula one team, it will cost your money.

In this article, I will help you learn and understand the cost of advertising on a formula 1 racing car today.

You will get benefits of advertising or sponsorship in F1 sport.


In conclusion, the cost of advertising or sponsoring an F1 team is important for brands to understand.

This is true if your brand wants to sponsor or advertise products and services in formula one.

When you are clear on this, it becomes easier to know how much to invest your money in Formula 1 marketing.

You will also understand how to measure success, or your return on investment from the sponsorship.

You probably have seen teams promoting various brands in formula one.

The brands invest or pay a huge amount of money for their companies to be promoted to the F1’s fan base.

For example, Petronas is a major sponsor to Mercedes F1 team. Also, Oracle has sponsored Red Bull F1 team with over $350 million.

You might also have noted that Cyrpto.com is a major sponsor or advertiser in formula 1 today.

This shows even cyrptocurrency trading platforms are looking at how to leverage formula one to promote their services.

As you have seen, the cost of advertising on a formula 1 racing car depends on a number of factors.

I do hope that you now have a clear understanding of how advertising works in F1 sport.