Christian Horner; Mercedes Sidepods “illegal”

In the wake of Mercedes F1 team introducing their sidepod-less car in Bahrain, everyone was talking about it. That included Red Bull’s team principal. Christian Horner Mercedes sidepods comments took off like bush fire.

You can understand why his comments would be of interest to formula one fans.

Mercedes and Red Bull rivalry is intense, both on track and off-track.

Every word and move is watched, and analyzed for any strain in the relationship between these two teams.

Therefore, the idea that Christian Horner was alleged to have said that Mercedes sidepods were ‘illegal’ created a new talking point.

So, what exactly were Christian Horner’s views on Mercedes sidepods?

In this article, you will learn what Christian Horner said in relation to the unveiled sidepods by rivals Mercedes.

You will also understand his thinking in terms of whether they are legal or illegal.

Christian Horner – Mercedes Sidepods are “illegal”

In the wake of pre-testing in Bahrain, Mercedes introduced a bold upgrade on their sidepods.

This was an idea that shocked many people in the paddock.

As you can imagine, that decision created controversy due to comments attributed to Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner.

It was reported that he had said the Mercedes sidepods were ‘illegal’

However, Red Bull team came out to deny those claims.

The new design, which has virtually non-existent sidepods to improve downforce and make the car faster, has turned heads in the F1 paddock and caused controversy.

In an interview with German publication Auto Motor und Sport on Thursday, Horner was attributed as saying: “From our point of view, Mercedes went a step too far.

“That doesn’t correspond to the spirit of the regulations. For us, these wings are illegal.”

Horner Denies Suggesting Mercedes Sidepods Were Illegal

But speaking 24 hours later, Horner denied that he ever suggested Mercedes had bent the rules.

“Comments have been quoted that certainly were not made,” said Horner. “Obviously Mercedes have come up with an extreme and different interpretation but to answer whether we think it is legal or not – yes, absolutely. It looks like it ticks all the boxes.

“As far as we are concerned, the Mercedes car looks as though it complies with the regulations.”

Horner’s comments came before the afternoon session of day two testing in Bahrain, with both Red Bull and Mercedes getting their car on track.

It seems that Mercedes vs Red Bull rivalry will continue in 2022.

You can expect the same rivalry to be extended to team principals Toto Wolff and Christian Horner.

However, I truly would hope another team joins the fray this season.

For example, it would be good to have a Ferrari vs Red Bull rivalry. Charles Leclerc going head to head with Max Verstappen would be a good break from the Hamilton vs Verstappen battles.


In conclusion, the fact that F1 teams have different sidepod concept is proof that interpretation of regulation changes was and is diverse.

Aerodynamists within formula one came up and designed sidepods in the best way they knew how.

This has provided you with a variety of concepts to look at.

Mercedes and Ferrari have the most extreme sidepods, with every other team between the two teams in terms of concepts.

It is good to point that Red Bull too brought an upgrade during the pre-season testing in Bahrain.

Over the course of the season, you can expect the teams to continue developing their concepts for maximum performance.