2022 Belgian Grand Prix – Title Fight Continues

which venue is the belgian grand prix held

If you are interested in attending the F1 race in Belgium, you might ask; at which venue is the Belgian Grand Prix held?

Travelling to Belgium to watch and experience formula one racing should be on your bucket list. At least it is on mine.

F1 drivers and teams describe racing in Belgium as one of their favorite tracks to visit.

This can only mean that Belgian Grand Prix in 2022 is the place to be this year. It is one of the races on the formula one calendar this season.

F1 racing has a long history in Belgium.

As the fans, drivers and teams troop to Belgium for the race, it is important that you understand where the Belgium Grand Prix is held, how to get there and the prize of tickets.

There has been a number of Belgian F1 drivers, and some have secured victories in the sport. It is therefore an important part of F1 sport.

If this is your first time attending the race, you will find this resource very helpful.

This is your guide to venues that have hosted and continue to host formula one race in Belgium.

Which Venue is the Belgian Grand Prix Held?

One of the common F1 questions you might wonder about is; which venue is the Belgian Grand Prix held today?

The Belgian Grand Prix is currently held at the 7, 004 – kilometre Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps at Stavelot, Belgium.

In 2022, Belgian Grand Prix will take place over 44 laps at the Spa circuit, as is popularly known.

Spa is one of the longest F1 circuit in the calendar today.

However, there are rumours that this track could be dropped from the formula one calendar in 2023. It would be sad to see the Spa circuit go.


In conclusion, Belgian Grand Prix is currently being held at the Circuit de Spa-Franchorchamps in Belgium.

It is one of the longest F1 track on calendar today.

This is a venue that has always produced great and wet formula one racing experiences.

A case in point was the 2021 race, which was red-flagged after the controversial two laps in the rain.

Drivers and teams were awarded half-points, though many fans did not like how that race was directed.

As you plan to attend the F1 race at Spa, I hope this information has provided you with basic knowledge about the venue for the Belgian Grand Prix.