Is Aston Martin Entry into F1 Overhyped

is aston martin entry into f1 overhyped

The entry of Aston Martin into F1 was a highly anticipated thing. I was looking forward to seeing the team on the track. Considering it was a return after a break of more than 60 years, you can understand the excitement. However, is Aston Martin entry into F1 overhyped?

That is the question I want us to try and answer today. I want to look into the entry of Aston Martin into F1, and whether the hype was deserved.

Whenever a brand is getting into something new, you can expect the marketing team to invest in creating positive storyline.

For Aston Martin, the story could not have been better. Here was a famous car manufacturer that was returning to F1 after withdrawing from the sport in 1960.

Aston Martin were joining, replacing Racing Point. Actually you can think of it as rebranding Racing Point F1 team into Aston Martin F1 team.

Another significant thing would be having Sebastian Vettel as their driver. The four-time world champion would be part of the team to help Aston Martin’s entry into formula one this time round.

Is Aston Martin Entry into F1 Overhyped?

Aston Martin’s entry into F1 cannot be considered to be overhyped. As a marketing technique, hype has created a highly appealing perception of the Aston Martin F1 brand.

In terms of turning the hype into results and performance, you should consider giving the team time.

This would allow the Aston Martin F1 team to turn their entry into F1 hype to track results.

With Sebastian Vettel as a driver, alongside Lance Stroll, the team will bounce back into winning ways.

Reasons Why Aston Martin Re-Branded

When it comes to business, brands are always evolving. This is to keep up with changes in the market, as well as to change the market sentiment.

It has happened to many brands. Even some of the iconic brand like Coca Cola have iterated their brands over the decades.

When you think of Aston Martin’s entry into formula one, it has taken the same route. The team took over Racing Point F1 and re-branded it into Aston Martin F1 team.

3 key Reasons Why Racing Point Re-Branded into Aston Martin.

It takes great insights and vision to re-brand into something new. This is what is sometimes required in order for a business to achieve the necessary growth and profits.

Here are the three top reasons why Racing Point was re-branded into Aston Martin;

  1. Re-build the Aston Martin brand

This is one of the strategic reasons why Racing Point was re-branded into Aston Martin.

The objective is to use the formula 1 platform to promote and market the Aston Martin luxury brands.

According to the investors, it is one of the ways to engage the customers and reposition the luxury brand in the market.

They believe there are long term benefits to rebranding and having a works team in formula one..

  1. Injection of Investment

Whenever a business or brand takes in a considerable investment, sometimes re-branding is necessary.

For Racing Point, they took in a huge investment from Aston Martin group. It is estimated about $260 million was invested into the team from Yew Tree Consortium.

That kind of money is important in helping the team’s development, funding drivers and marketing or promoting the team.

  1. Align the Brands after Acquisition

As you might be aware, Aston Martin group invested into Racing Point F1 team. This combines two brands and given their unique characteristics, it makes sense to re-brand.

In this regard, to align the brands, Racing Point was re-branded into Aston Martin F1 team.

Aston Martin Performance in F1 so far

In the first season after the entry of Aston Martin into F1, there has been mixed results from the team’s performance.

Compared to the 2020 F1 season, the 2021 season has not been great for Aston Martin.

It started with the aerodynamic regulation change that reduced the team’s performance. The changes affected the cars that had the low rake philosophy.

You can find similar performance problems with the Mercedes F1 cars.  Mercedes also use the low rake philosophy. However, they have performed relatively well this season compared to Aston Martin.

Given that some consider Aston Martin as a ‘green mercedes’, it will be interesting to see how Aston Martin move forward.

The Value Sebastian Vettel brings to Aston Martin

The entry of Aston Martin into formula one came with an interesting driver line up.

While it was sad to see Sergio Perez leave Racing Point, as was known then, it was great to have Sebastian Vettel join Aston Martin.

He brings a lot of experience to the team and is helping in the development of the Aston Martin F1 project.

According to the team principal Otmar Szafnauer, he expects Sebastian Vettel to bring “1000 little things” and help the team to rise to a different level.

As a four-time world champion, Vettel is going to be a valuable resource to the Silverstone-based Aston Martin F1 team.


In conclusion, it is not difficult to see why there was excitement on the return of Aston Martin to formula one racing.

There is a great deal of history and heritage to a team or brand that first raced in the 1950s.

It is a story that is worth learning more about. However, you might ask is Aston martin entry into F1 overhyped?

Creating hype around a brand is not bad. Aston Martin, a brand associated with James Bond movies is being promoted and celebrated.

It is probably one of the reasons you might think that entry of Aston Martin into F1 was overhyped. A lot is invested in promoting the return of the brand into formula one racing.