What Are Metal Things on F1 Cars During Testing

In formula one pre-season testing, what are the metal things on F1 cars during testing?

This is one of the common question I get each time F1 gets into pre-season testing.

If you are new to formula one, I can understand the confusion or the curiosity the metal things or nets during testing causes.

At the start of every formula one season, there are set days for pre-season testing. The objective is to do exactly that; to test the cars before the start of the season.

During the pre-season testing, teams seek to test a number of things.

Remember, other than the firing up the new car, pre-season testing provides the first opportunity for teams to actually drive the car on a track.

To do this, F1 teams require tools and equipment to gather as much data as possible.

So, what are the metals things on F1 cars during testing?

In this article, you will learn what these metals things are, and the role they play during pre-season testing in formula one.


In conclusion, aero rakes in formula 1 are an important part of pre-season testing.

As you have seen above, they play a big role in helping teams understand their car.

Engineers and aerodynamists in the teams use the aero rakes to gather data on the car’s performance.

In this regard, having those metals things on F1 cars during testing is part of development.

Aero rakes help in measuring the airflow as the car drives on the track.

The data gathered helps the aerodynamic designers to optimize the f1 car for the optimal performance on track.