17 Advantages of Golf to Women in 2022

While golf is seen by many as a sport for men, there is an increase in the number of women taking up the gentleman’s game. As a lady, you might be wondering; what are the advantages of golf to women?

Playing golf as a woman can have several benefits.

In this article, you will learn the advantages of playing golf to women.

I am attempting to make a case as to why you should learn how to play golf.

Becoming a golfer and golfing in general can bring numerous benefits to your life, career or business as a woman.

As a person who hosts golf tournaments, I encourage ladies to register to play.

It is such a joy to watch women on the course, competing with each other and enjoying a round of golf.

The advantages or benefits of golf to women are many, and it is important you start or begin learning how golf works.

It is worth noting that the fastest growing group of golfers are women in the United States. You can bet it is the same in other countries.

The following reasons, benefits and advantages of golf to women should make you take up this sport.

Benefits and Advantages of Golf to Women

The following are the benefits and advantages of golf to you as a lady or woman;

  1. Good for networking
  2. Cementing friendships
  3. Learning practical life lessons
  4. Leverage golf for business development.
  5. Golf trains you patience
  6. Improving business skills
  7. Golf courses are many today
  8. It is fun and enjoyable
  9. Opens door of opportunities
  10. It is a family sport
  11. A good challenge
  12. Practice sessions
  13. You get out of the house.
  14. Opportunity to exercise
  15. Levels the ground
  16. Expands knowledge
  17. Increases productivity

As you can see, there are many advantages of golf to women. If you have ever wondered if playing golf can be beneficial to you, I hope these have given you a reason to try golf as a sport or hobby.


To wrap up, I would like to reiterate the benefits and advantages of golf to women.

These are things that should make you learn to golf even as a beginner.

You can use golf to build your network, to build your personal brand and advance your career or business as a woman.

As a social sport, golf provides you with an opportunity to create and cement friendships.

I am encouraged by the fact that women have always played golf.

For example, LPGA tour is actually older to the PGA tour.

You might also be interested in learning who the woman who played golf first was and the history of women in golf.

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As the golf continues to grow, women should play a bigger role in the sport.

Growing the game of golf should include encouraging more women to join the sport.

Learning to play golf empowers women and girls with the advantages you have read above.